How pornography turns women on too

By Alison Motluk in Vancouver MEN are not the only ones who experience a testosterone surge after watching a pornographic film—women do too, Austrian researchers have discovered. Their findings call into question the commonly held view that males and females respond in different ways to sexually explicit material, they say. Astrid Jütte and her colleagues at the Ludwig Boltzmann Institute for Urban Ethology in Vienna asked 10 men and 10 women to watch a 15-minute pornographic film. The researchers took four blood samples: before the film and three at intervals afterwards. There was a significant increase in testosterone in both males and females after the film, Jütte said. The median increase in men was 100 per cent, she says, and for women it was 80 per cent. Studies have shown that the more testosterone a woman produces over the monthly cycle, the more sexually active she tends to be, but little is known about the effects of short-term surges in this hormone, says Jütte. “Maybe it changes her sexual drive or her motivation for sex,
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